Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Chef

Name: Annie Capell
Age: 27
Weight: 132
Favorite Meal: Risotto
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Favorite Kitchen Tool: Heat Resistant Spatula
Least Favorite Kitchen Tool: Plastic Wrap
Least Favorite Foods: Bell Peppers, Pickles, Mustard, Capers
Favorite Foods: Avocados, Potatoes, Chicken, Strawberries
Favorite Thing to Make: Cheesecake
Least Favorite Thing to Make: Tempered Chocolate
Favorite Kitchen Technique: Stirring
Least Favorite Kitchen Technique: Pipping Frosting
Kind of Music During Cooking: Anything With a Beat. Nothing Mellow, Unless I'm Pipping
Can People Taste While You Cook?: Only If They Ask!
Work Better Alone or With Others: In the Kitchen, Alone, I Like Having My Part and Others Having Theirs, But I like Working Together to Make Meals
Favorite Restaurant: The Diner in Brooklyn NY
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Gin and Tonic
Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink: Water or Root Beer
Favorite Candy Bar: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Favorite Spice: Sage
Clean or Messy Kitchen: CLEAN! I Make Mes per Stage, but Clean Before The Next One
Least Favorite Kitchen Appliance: Electric Stove
Favorite Kitchen Appliance: Gas Stove/Honest Temperature Oven
A Weird Kitchen Quark You Have: I Dont Like to Eat Something I make for Others Until it is out and Everyone has Eaten it...then i may try some
Spicy, Salty, Sweet or Sour? Sweet, Then Salty, Then Spicy, Then Sour
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Peanut Butter Blast from Glacier, or Junior Mint
Lease Favorite Thing about Cooking: Messing it up and Wasting Money, or not Being Able to Time everything to be Ready at The Same Moment
Favorite Thing About Cooking: Making People Happy, Full, and Content...also the Zen Nature of creating a beautiful Piece of art that you spent hours and hour on, and watching it disappear in a few helps remind you to let things go...
Words to Part With: Be Brave, Take Risks, Decorate to Hide Mistakes, Kill No One, and always have a Plan B

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So excited! You are the best little thang!