Wednesday, June 10, 2009

365 days, 365 recipes

Starting August 1, 2009, for 365 days (1 full year) I am going to be creating and cooking a new recipe for each and every day. That means each day I will make a recipe, cook it, photo it, and post it on a blog. This blog will display pictures, the recipes, struggles I faced, tricks I learn, and information about products I used. When the year is finished, I plan to create a cookbook of the recipes I have made, the incredible with the barely edible, and be satisfied that I accomplished such a challenging culinary adventure.
Thus far I have been working on setting myself up. I have emailed a number of food suppliers hoping to get a bit of help ingredient-wise, and have been pawing through numerous cookbook coming up with new and interesting ideas, as well as twists on some classics. The more I talk about this project, the more excited I get. I can't wait for Aug. 1 to come!
I am also in need of a name for this project, and have thought of a few good ones, 'A culinary journey: 365 days. 365 recipes,' 'A food affair,' but nothing seems to take the cake, ha! let me know if you think of a good one. also, i joined and twitter and will try to keep those somewhat informed, but really this website is your closest thread to the action in the kitchen...
until then...bake on, and ill keep you posted on my status.

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