Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 302: Strawberry Shortcake

Yield: 5 servings
Time (Start to Finish): 2 hours

1 cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 Tbsp butter, cold
pinch salt
¼ cup milk
2 tsp coconut milk
2 tsp cinnamon

2 baskets strawberries
1 pint vanilla ice cream

1 egg
splash milk

1. Preheat oven to 400F
2. Sift together the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon
3. Take the flour and cut into cubes. Use your hands and rub the butter into the flour to make it grainy like corn meal. You don’t want the butter to get warm. This is the same as if you were making scones
4. Add the 2 milks and mix until it comes into a ball, and then knead it on a table for about 30 sec until it all comes together
5. Take a rolling pin and roll it so it is about ½ inch thick. Take a glass, biscuit cutter, or anything round and cut into rounds. I made them small.
6. Place them on a baking sheet
7. Whisk the milk and the egg and brush the top of each biscuit. Sprinkle with sugar and bake until they puff and brown, about 15 min
8. Open up the biscuits, 2 in a bowl, and fill with berries and a scoop of ice cream and serve on a warm day and to order.

Rating: 4 strawberries
Notes: YUMMY! One of the first real wonderfully warm days in the city, and I had to work, yuck! So how to make it better? Bringing strawberry shortcake for everyone! It is so so good, and I ate it in the backyard in the sunshine. It was marvelous! The biscuits are nice and the cinnamon adds a lot of flavor. I like the small ones so they are easier to eat and you can put a few in your bowl. I hope everyone at work liked this treat!

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