Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Post Delay!

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in getting posts out, but don't worry, through thick and thin i have been cooking and working hard! I am in disneyland until monday, and will then fill up this blog with about 15 posts...chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, oatmeal pancakes, chocolate strawberry muffins, and the star, dessert macaroni and cheese! there will be much more amazing things in this home stretch, and sorry for the delay. I have been busy with life. I appreciate though that i haven't missed a day, even as much as i wanted to, and your patience with me melts me butter
Thanks guys, and keep coming back to me!


Megan Taylor said...

Annie, hello! I love your blog so far, as I've read through your past few weeks of posts. It was lovely meeting you at Maggie's and sharing the title of Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac. Hope to hear from you soon, in real life or along the blogway...


Christina said...

Youre almost done! This is surreal and incredible.