Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Month 4

Annie’s Current Weight: 131
Pleasures: No weight gain! A total pleasure for sure! This month was a mix of emotions. I for sure learned a lot about pumpkin, which is great. I had a lot of guest kitchens, which is also great, and a lot of on the fly recipes, which was also a good thing. I celebrated a lot of events, and look forward to this next month!
Pains: There were a few close calls in not wanting to cook something, or almost not which is a problem, and I feel like a few of my recipes are a little uninspired, but that’s ok sometimes. I used a lot of boxed things when I easily could have worked from scratch, but that’s ok and important for those with quick needs!
Promises: This next month there will be a lot of cooking with other people which is always a nice thing, so I vow to really try this month to learn from others cool and exciting things. I also promise to throw in a lot of cookies and treats that people can make others for the holidays. Nothing better than the gift of treats.
Ponders: I feel like this last month was kind of chill. I had inspiring times, I had hard times, I had fun times, and it was hard to focus a lot of it. I think this next month, even though I have a lot going on, I can really try and focus more on what I am doing and why I am doing it. I shave started planning trips for march and in the summer, and its hard thinking I will also have to plan time every day to cook something. I may just need to plan ahead for those. Weird thinking about it to be honest with you, and I ponder why im doing this project. I love it, don’t you dare get me wrong, but I find people getting less interested, or something about it that is making me feel more like throwing stuff together than pushing myself. I need to figure that one out. Until then, I look forward to sharing more food with good people!

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Sarah said...

Hey Miss Annie - I'm enjoying reading your recipes & it makes me feel like I at least know what's going on with you a tiny bit. So keep going!

I am writing to give you an idea - not sure what you'll do with it. I have a friend who has recently been fighting some health issues. Doctors have told her not to eat pretty much everything. Maybe you can come up with some recipe ideas for someone who cannot eat:

gluten, eggs, onions, garlic, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, dairy (from cow), soy, red wine (white wine is okay). I also think potatoes are out.

Any ideas?