Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 246: Farmers Market Fizz

Yield: 1 drink
Time (Start to Finish): 10 min

5 fresh strawberries
½ cup fresh blueberries
fresh orange juice
ice to taste
½ 7 up or Sprite drink

1. In a blender, blend the strawberries, blueberries, orange juice and ice until it is smooth and creamy
2. Pour into a glass but leave room in the top, about 1 cup of room
3. Pour in the soda, it will foam a lot, until it reaches the top of the glass, and drink

Rating: 4 strawberries
Notes: It may not be the most exciting of drinks, but we walked to the farmers market in the morning, grabbed the freshest of ingredients, and I made this! I know, 7up isn’t fresh, but we had just bought it at the store! It’s a nice drink, great for a hangover, and I know I have been making a few beverages lately, but when the weather is good all is want is nice drinks! You can add any fruit you want. Peach would be wonderful, as would raspberries, oranges, plums. Try it out, the sparkling soda is a great touch.

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