Friday, April 9, 2010

Month 8

Annie’s Current Weight: 127
I actually did a lot of cool things this month! I had a lot of group meals, I went to Austin and was supported by a huge group of friends, I created a lot of great things! I made some great friend contacts, and now think that since I am 8 months in, I can start to make some calls about maybe getting into some news. That is exciting. I didn’t gain any weight, which is good, and had a lot of great people eat and judge my food. This was one of the best months of my cooking project yet. It really felt worth it this month.
Pains: How do I top that month! There were some close calls, as always, for not doing recipes. I feel like the more I have going on, the better I am at planning. A lot of this month I had just working, so its harder to get something made, when I go to work, go out to dinner, I just seem to run out of time. I always did it, though, thank god. I don’t know what I would do if I missed a day. I have come so far. I also feel like I need to get more creative, and I mean that in the sense that a lot of my recipes are close to each other. I also didn’t blog as much as I should and I fell behind, and I regret that. I need to be more on top of that.
Promises: I promise to shock and amaze you all with new things. With my new contacts, I have a lot more support for creative ideas and bouncing things off of people. I also promise to blog more. I know I have been slacking on that…so I hope this month I get to do that more. I am sorry. I also promise to lose another pound! Wouldn’t that be awesome! This month has a lot of trips, lots going on, and the sun is out. Summer is here! So fruits, ice creams, lots of things will begin to surface. I promise to keep it interesting and fun
Ponders: you know, I think about what I will do after this project is over, and it is almost scary. Taking on big projects and actually following through with them only inspires me to try something even bigger. I don’t know what will happen and I cant wait for it. I also look at other food blogs, and I think to myself, do I want to become that? I don’t know if blogging is my thing…I am not a journalism major, I have terrible grammar and spelling, and life always takes precedence to me wanting to blog. I also get scared of what I should say and who will read it. I have tried to keep this blog about the food and less about my personal life, and sometimes I think, should that be? So much of what I am cooking and why I cook it relates to where I am and who I am with. I don’t know, but what I do know is I am thinking of the future, and I am really now seeing the finish line to my project. I see who I was a year ago, just leaving New York, I see who I am now, working, in a food project, dating someone, and I wonder, where will I be next year? All I know is, life is fun, and I currently have something brewing, so id better go get to it…

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