Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 188: Cornmeal Chicken Dumplings

Yield: 5 dumplings
Time (Start to Finish): 25 min

½ cup cornmeal
salt and pepper
1 egg
4 cups chicken stock (until it comes together)
cooked chicken pieces

1. Mix cornmeal, salt pepper, egg together
2. Add a little chicken stock until it holds together
3. Heat up the rest of the chicken stock on a pot
4. Make balls with the corn meal and stuff a piece of the chicken in the center
5. Drop dumplings in the broth and try not to stir until they are cooked and enjoy! About 3 min.

Rating: 3 strawberries
Notes: These were tasty, but they didn’t hold together very well. I would still make them again though. They taste good, and try to get a roasted chicken, I think it adds more flavor. I made this in the morning and saved it till lunch, but I think it would be better fresh. Since it doesn’t take very long, it makes for a good lunch at home or dinner in on a rainy day.

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