Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Month 6

Annie’s Current Weight: 128
Pleasures: I AM 6 MONTHS DONE!!! Half way baby!! Its all cakewalk from here!! I cant believe I have made it half way, AND on top of that, I have lost 4 pounds from when I started, what is that about??? This month was an interesting one, boys, trips, roomies, friends, I have been super busy, and I still feel I got out a lot of great things (as well as some lame ones) but in the end a lot of good stuff. The second half of the month seems better. After my trip to nyc I feel reinspired and refocused, so that is all really good. I feel my roomies are back to eating my stuff again, which is nice, and I am for sure learning little by little how to portion control to make less so I don’t have a ton left over. All of these things are great…and next month is my birthday month, so we will see what happens then!
Pains: Although I cooked a lot, this month had a ton of half assed things. My nyc stuff isn’t to write home about, but that’s ok. I felt sick a lot of the month, so some of it is just thrown together, which I regret, and there were times where I was just lazy and had the time to make things more interesting, but chose to cut corners. I need to reorganize my food shelf, which I should post a picture of. There are tons of things on there that I should use or that could inspire me, but it is just so full of junk, I need to fix that. Also, most of my stuff this month has been personal or singular, so I should work on more larger things…we will see.
Promises: This next month I have no trips planned, and in march I have a lot, so I hope this month I really focus on good time consuming recipes, so in march I can do some of the little things while I am out and about. I also promise to try and use more guest help and work with others more. I keep trying to cook with Ross, or Tricia, or others and it just never happens and I know their help would branch me out big time!
Ponders: These 6 months have been intense. Its crazy how much of my life has been dedicated to food. Its all I think about and all I consume myself with. For 6 months all I have done is cook everyday and plan what I will cook the next one, how much time I will have, when I can do it, before or after work, what might throw me off, what do I have in my kitchen, what is going bad, etc. it has been a lot of focus, and I have grown tired and look forward to it being over. I look forward to the day when I don’t have to cook something. I look forward to being able to plan a trip somewhere where I don’t have to worry about if there is a kitchen I can use, or a grocery store to grab stuff real quick. Where I don’t have to wake up early to make cookies before work. It all excites me, and it also excites me that I am half way through and still have a million ideas to throw out here. I have only made 1 cake this whole time, only 1 pie, I don’t even think I have begun to use beef besides hamburgers, and I just have so many more ideas! I give myself a strong pat on the back for how far I have come, but I don’t want to forget that I still have a LONG way to go and lots of hurdles to jump through before I can throw my feet up. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, and please, KEEP supporting me! Tell your friends, throw me ideas, help a homegirl out!! Im working hard, and please, lend me your tummy and your pallet to tell me how things are and how to make things better. 6 months…wow…

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