Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 225: Quickest Tomato Soup in the West

Yield: 1 pot
Time (Start to Finish): 20 min

2 cans crushed tomatoes
5-8 basil leaves, fresh
1 cup veggie stock
salt and pepper
¾ cup half and half
2 Tbsp tomato paste

parmesan cheese

1. Put all ingredients in a blender (minus the croutons and cheese) and blend until smooth
2. Pour into a pot or put in the microwave, heat to the heat you like
3. Serve with croutons and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese

Rating: 4 strawberries
Notes: I eat tomato soup from Boudin Bakery all the time at work, and I thought, I can make this super fast and easy! I also used to make as similar soup when I worked in a café in Georgia. You can add any seasoning you like, but I like simple salt and pepper on this one, and the basil adds just enough. The Parm also makes a perfect little touch. I hope you like it, and see how easy it is to make!

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