Monday, March 1, 2010

Delay in Updates, STILL cooking!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in updates. I had a birthday week, and friends in town this week. I know, i shouldnt excuse it, but i promise you i have been cooking every day! I WILL update soon, with rosemary lemon curd, peanut butter and raspberry muffins, all sorts of great things! Just be patient, and know that i am still cooking every day and loving every minute of it...oh, and its my 7 month anniversary today, and yes, i lost another pound, and even better, i can do 2 pull ups! look out world!! this month will be challenging, ill write a month update, so be patiend, but this month i got sxsw, trips, friends all over the place. chill people, i got more treats than ever before! thanks for waiting!!! soon!! you will see!!

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