Saturday, March 6, 2010

Month 7

Annie’s Current Weight: 127
Pleasures: ANOTHER pound down!! I blame this one on the fact that I have gotten into Lost. Every episode I watch to try and catch up I have to do 10 push ups at lease, so I have been working out quite a bit. I also bought a bike, and have been running, so I get it. This month has been fun and hard. It was my birthday month! It was a nice mix of savory and sweet this month which I liked. I felt remotivated to try new things which I liked, and I feel like this month I was supported a lot, and in fact my roomies were always asking what would be coming out of the kitchen! It was nice weather, which motivated fresh ingredients. I also cleaned my pantry shelf, so it feels good to cook again.
Pains: I don’t know about this one. The corn dumplings and the shrimp were both not so great, so it was my first month with real failures, but that could be a good thing since it means I pushed myself a lot this month. Still, it sucks to fail sometimes, no matter how healthy that can be. I feel like this month I wasted some food, having to throw away things like the fudge and some others where I just didn’t have enough mouths to eat it up, so im going to have to try to learn some portion control.
Promises: This next month I have a big trip planned. South By Southwest. It is going to be hard to cook during that time, so I hope I get inspired and supported. Birthdays are always hard for me, so thanks to all those who supported me and helped me figure out what I should be making. This next month I hope to get a lot of exciting recipes that are easy to make and fun to eat. I hope to branch out even more than I am
Ponders: I go through waves of feeling supported and not. I also feel a lot of the time like not mentioning my project to people for fear they wont think its cool. Its funny, when I tell people 7 months, they DO get impressed, and really don’t believe me. It’s a huge hurtle I have been through, and I can see the finish line, so I hope I don’t screw this one up. I have had close calls, I need to stay strong and work hard. This project is really turning into something I am proud of, please keep reading, tell your friends, and enjoy what is to come.

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