Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 71: Pumpkin Pecan Filled Croissant

Yield: 1 croissant
Time (Start to Finish): 5 min

1 croissant
2 tsp pumpkin butter
½ cup candied pecans
1 Tbsp honey

1. Cut croissant in half long ways
2. Add the honey to both sides of the roll, you can heat it if you want
3. Add the pumpkin butter to one of the sides
4. Sprinkle on the pecans so they are even throughout the roll
5. Cut in half and serve for breakfast

Rating: 3 strawberries
Notes: you know, this tasted better the more you eat it, but I realized I don’t like pumpkin butter too much. Maybe I need to make my own, but it did taste good with a fresh croissant and nuts and honey, it was so so so so good. Thanks Meghan, and I used my 3rd kitchen on this one, the lovely ellis and his kitchenette. No stove, but a toaster oven, but I thought this was a great thing to throw together before going to a local beer tasting festival, which was wonderful. This is a nice, yet sweet breakfast

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