Saturday, October 3, 2009

Month 2

Annie’s Current Weight: 131
Pleasures: This month has been a good one. I feel like I have for sure hit autopilot on this…I say this now and I know I will forget one day…I have had a LOT of people cooking my food, which is amazing! I have had my risotto, cheesecake, beet salad, croutons, and brie puff made, and those are just the ones I know about!! How cool is that?? I have also had the challenge of losing my journal for a bit, and going out of town for a day, but I know I worked though it all. It had been a month of hard recipes, and a lot of small things. It has been really fun, and I am amazed I haven’t gained a pound! I have spread the word quite a bit about my blog, and a lot of people nation wide are getting interested, showing their friends, and this networking thing is really taking off. I also saw the movie Julie/Julia which both inspired me and made me focus my thoughts. It has been a month I am proud of.
Pains: I didn’t really do a lot of the things I said I was going to in the last month. I didn’t do any week challenges, and I didn’t really push myself creatively. I know I was VERY creative, but I was very much on autopilot, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I think I need to push this creativity. I know I’m cool, guys, but I can be so much cooler! This is a great project, but I know it can be even better, and the fact that I know that makes me obligated to perform for you. Maybe that month was important for me to remember that I need to work even harder, and I didn’t really even do a lot of things out of my comfort real meat things, but, ill try harder!
Promises: I promise to really push my limits this time now. I have a great challenge coming up. Im going to Portland for a week, so I need to be at the mercy of friends and their kitchens to cook who knows what. I don’t know what will be in their fridges, or let alone their pots and pans situation! That will be a great challenge, plus im going to try to do a themed week this month..a color theme perhaps like I thought I was going to do last week? Im also going to try to make less sweet things, but we will see…I have been eating a lot of sugar lately. I also promise to get as many of my ingredients from farmers markets as I can… I have been, but ill keep it up. I also hope to have more people come over and cook. I love my roomie eaters, but some variety would be nice.
Ponders: Well, this month had a lot of pondering. I wrote and posted a blurb on seeing the movie Julie/Julia that I had a lot of thoughts about, and I have been excited to report the use of friends kitchens this month around, which was cool. I have really been enjoying this, and having a lot of fun with it, and I don’t see slowing down happening anytime soon. I still have a huge list of possible recipes, and I can’t believe how fast 2 months has flown by. Yes I feel this project has put a slight strain on hanging out with people, but, its ok, its only for 10 more months, and people can always come hang and cook. I have eaten a lot of sugar this month, and have yet to really mess up a recipe…maybe im playing too safe? Maybe I need to challenge more? Or maybe I just rock at cooking..haha. Thank everyone for reading and keeping tabs on me, it has been a great time, and please, call, email, or text if you cook something I make, have ideas, or want to come make some grub with me. I could never do this project without the support of those food lovers around me. Travis and Maggie…your daily eating will be missed…

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