Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 292: Lime Cilantro Butter

Yield: ½ cup
Time (Start to Finish): 15 min

1 cup heavy whipping cream
¼ cup fresh cilantro
3 Tbsp lime zest (about 3 limes)
small pinch cayenne

1. In a food processor, take the cream and blend for 5-10 min until it separates. Strain the liquid away, blend again, and strain the liquid again. Place in a bowl
2. Take a paper towel and blot the butter to make sure it is dry, you have just made butter!
3. Take the cilantro, cayenne and lime and stir into the butter
4. Add salt and taste it. I like salty butter so I added more than average
5. Press into a container. Sometimes a little more liquid will surface, which you can blot with a towel
6. Place covered in the fridge and serve!

Rating: 4.5 strawberries
Notes: I think I LOVE making homemade butter! It is so easy and fun! And with fresh ingredients, it was so good! I actually put it on corn kernels which was a treat, but little toasts, fresh bread, anything you could serve butter with this is delightful. I had left over limes from the Oregon trail adventure, so I feel like more lime things will come up this week! Only 73 more days of my project, wow! Time is going fast! It is weird now thinking about what recipe I will make at the end when it was around this time I thought of this project and what my first recipe would be! I hope you like this butter!

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