Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Month 9

Annie’s Current Weight: 127
Pleasures: What a month guys! Hawaii, cocktail week, boys birthdays, Los Angeles, all sorts of trips. This has been one of the busiest months I have had, and I feel like I did a good job. It was nice to have such different people support me. I also feel like this month had some cool twists on things I have done before, which I liked, and people seem to more and more ask me questions about my project, and to be down another month and under 100 days until the project is over?? How cool is that! Things are looking up here!
Pains: So, I didn’t lose another pound, which is ok. Maybe I gained muscles from all my Lost push ups and learning to surf. Also, doing lots of drinks and dressings is showing me I am spending more time doing other things. Just because I can see the end doesn’t mean the race is over. I shouldn’t give up yet, and I see myself getting lazy. Wake up annie! Get your mind in the right place. I know I can do better…why aren’t I? that is important to think about
Promises: After a lot of thought and trips, I think this month I need to be here and to focus. Having a boy in my life, having summer and good weather, music festivals and friends with time off, I find less and less time and motivation. I promise to get more motivated and do less chincy recipes. This does require the help of my friends, so those of you who read this, keep supporting me! Its only 3 months away, so be there for me guys! And I DO promise to lose a pound this month, crunches and push ups it is!
Ponders: Its fun going new places, finding local ingredients, and making recipes, and its fun cooking for my friends and family, but im ready to be home and focus here. All my stuff is here, I got some good eaters, and I want to do that now. With the summer comes some nice fresh ingredients, so im psyched for that. My notebook is almost out of pages, so its time for another one. That is exciting! It is crazy to be so many days down on this. I don’t really know what else to ponder about here…yet I feel I should say more. Maybe ill just say goodnight for now, I am happy to be home, and ready to cook some more in this wonderful month of may!

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Alley said...

you can do it, annie! if you want any kitchen help, let me know. i will gladly be your assistant.

also, you do not need to be losing any more weight, skinny girl! you're perfect just the way you are. :)