Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 147: Seth’s Honey steamer

Yield: 1 person
Time (Start to Finish): 15 min

1 cup milk
2-3 Tbsp honey
dash nutmeg

1. This is very simple, but most people don’t make it
2. Steam the milk or heat it up on the stove. Steaming the milk is better, but if you don’t have a device, just heating it is fine
3. Add the honey and the nutmeg and mix
4. Serve with left over Christmas cookies, peanut butter on bread, or just on its own if you cant sleep.

Rating: 3.5 strawberries
Notes: Merry Christmas! I made this after eating food ALL day long, flying home and needing to sleep but was too full and awake to do it. I made this and then was down for the count. Seth used to make this when we worked in the climbing gym. I added the nutmeg which is a great touch, and it was just nice to have while going to bed. Felt very homey. You have to try it and I swear you will love it. You can even mix it with soy milk to make it less creamy if you want.

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