Saturday, January 2, 2010

Month 5

Annie’s Current Weight: 129
Pleasures: I lost 2 pounds…I guess that is a pretty good pleasure! Ive been working out, wanting to get in shape, so I guess that took a part. Also, the holidays made me super busy, and I don’t eat when im busy…I guess that helped. Also, I got a lot of great holiday treats cooked, which was good. I had a number of guest kitchens, but also feel like I cooked a lot alone or just for myself, which means I have a lot of great solo recipes this month. I feel like I mixed up a lot of cool winter recipes, so doing this is a for sure pleasure, and I bought a few plane tickets, one for January and one for march, so im excited for some more traveling challenges
Pains: some of my stuff this month is boring and uninspired. Twice I got close to not cooking something, and that is 2 times too many…I need to get back into an inspired place. I feel very alone on this project now, and I feel like my roommates are now learning they need to stop eating so much, and aren’t as psyched on lots of creations in the kitchen. Also, I have found myself busy, and I know it’s a choice, but I need to make more time to cook. I don’t get up early anymore and I rush home, throw something together, and go out again. I need to focus more attention to this project. I know life is important, but this is part of it, and if im not going to commit, why do it?
Promises: I promise to focus more on this project. Look through recipes, talk to people, and make stuff that inspires others instead of just throwing stuff together and posting it. I need to MAKE mac and cheese, and I need to express myself more through food. My days off I should make something more challenging, and save those throw together things for days I am REALLY busy…I promise to focus on that
Ponders: This month was a crazy one..the 2 pound thing is really interesting to me. I feel good about myself and I look good. I tend to just eat whatever I cooked that day, and not much else, interesting. I get scared I will slack on this project soon, and I need to remember why I started it. I am almost at the halfway mark, which is great! Then it is all downhill form there…haha! If I want this to mean anything, if I want this to be anything, I need to post more, I need to get pumped and get support from those around me by being psyched and asking for help. I need to just be INTO it. I am pumping myself up, right? And I got an apple galette in the oven…I guess that is a good thing…I can do this…even if its just for me, I will rock this project…happy holidays guys, lets rock some epic recipes in the new year.

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Geoffrey said...

Keep up the good work Anns! Your fans love your recipes!!!