Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Month 1

Month 1
Annie’s Current Weight: 131 (lost 1 pound??!)
Pleasures: This month had been incredible. The first month in my project, and things are going great!!! I have not for one second not felt like getting up and cooking and have been each and every day more and more motivated! I feel like this month I have gone a safe route, but feel like I threw out a ton of great creative recipes. I have fattened up my roommates, I have learned there is a thing called mascarpone, which is the best thing ever, and I have grown to the point where people stop asking how I am and ask what I am cooking today. I feel like I have spread the word about my blog a lot and have a nice intimate following, and the more people hear about it, the more psyched they are! I haven’t gained any weight, which is great, and so far I have been able to afford all the food I have been buying! Really, this month has had a lot of positive things, and I am more and more psyched for the ideas I have yet to come!
Pains: I have a few down parts about this month, but things I have learned for sure. I have to work harder on portion; I have had to throw away a few things. Not a ton, but I know if I tone it down it will be better on my budget and on waste. Also, I fear I am too loud in the morning sometimes, waking the roomies, and so far I have been able to temp them with waffles and pancakes, but I dread the day my noise will wake them and I have salad dressing...not so pleasing at 8 am. My photos haven’t been as quality as id like, and I hope to improve those as time goes on, and some of them just don’t give the food justice. Also, in stocking up on supplies, I am running out of space on my shelf! I need to organize it better and try harder to use the things I have until they run out instead of going bad.
Promises: I promise to really try hard to not throw food away and have good portions and good organization. Also, I want to collaborate more than I have. My friends have great ideas, and cooking with others around is so much more fun. I have such a great support group, I really want to include more instead of getting up early and cooking alone before the day begins, although I do like that sometimes.
Ponders: I have a ton of great ideas, like theme weeks. Maybe a color week, each day a different color, or band names, I have a whole menu for a meal with band names, maybe bust that out. Also, more pictures with more interaction, instead of just what the final result is. I also want my blog to have more talk about how the cooking went, not just the recipe. Plus, a lot more use of seasonal things. I have been pretty good, but I can always do better.
Plus: So that is my update! This first month rocked and has been everything I have wanted. I have learned a lot and feel like this next month the blog will rock even harder!!! I look back and I think, wow, I have come far in one month, I cant wait to see where I will be in 12!! Stay with me folks, I got a lot more recipes you wont believe, and as always, come cook with me!! The more the better!

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Lucy said...

I laughed out loud when I read you posted your current weight, too funny. I did expect you to gain though, so, good job!