Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Rating

0 Strawberries: Not Edible. NOT NOT MAKE THIS
1 Strawberry: Was horrible, don't make it, im sure it can be made better, but not at all what i was going for
2 Strawberries: Not what i thought it was going to be. The flavors dont work that well together, is soggy, or just not at all what i had in mind. I know what to do to fix it though, and maybe will try again, but this just didn't work
3 strawberries: tasty, edible and servable, but for sure can be made better. its missing something, or isnt cooked exactly right, but something ill still eat the plate of. I know how to impove it, and its still fine how it is, just not mind blowing
4 strawberries: This is pretty wonderful. its got a ton of flavor and is incredible. something you wouldnt have thought of, or had, and is executed very well...still...its not perfect. can be tweeked to be made even better, maybe cooked longer, a squeeze of lemon, or something, but is really killer how it is
5 strawberries: perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. I nailed it...this recipe is going down in history

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