Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 107: Cran-App-Gin-Iced Tea

Yield: 3 people
Time (Start to Finish): 20 min

3 cups water
1 Tbsp fresh sliced ginger
1 granny smith apple

cran apple juice

1. In a pot, place the water and sliced of ginger
2. Take the apple and with the skin on or off grate it with a fine grater and put in the water
3. Bring to a boil and boil for maybe 2 min. taste it and if you like the flavor, stop, but cook longer for a richer flavor
4. Strain the liquid and cool
5. When serving, serve in a glass with ice, a splash of cran apple juice and enjoy!

Rating: 4 strawberries
Notes: This was drunk after a long night of thai food! It was so refreshing! The ginger feels healthy and the apple is a nice different refreshing taste. Most people think tea involves tealeaves, and others think it is just when you steep something in water. It is up to you, and you can also add this to a few tea bags. It is so yummy, and I love all things tasting of cranberries and ginger! Why I drank it when I was cold, the world will never know…

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