Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 112: Capell Dip with a kick

Yield: 1 16 oz container
Time (Start to Finish): 10 min

1 16 oz container sour cream
1 pack liptons powdered onion soup mix
1 Tbsp cayenne powder
½ lemon juiced

1. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together and put in a covered container in the fridge. Overnight is best, but you can serve right away.
2. Serve with wheat thins or potato chips.

Rating: 4.5 strawberries
Notes: This is a dip I have been having since I was a child and we have it every holiday when my brother and I go home. I changed it up by adding spice and lemon, but it is such an incredible little dip! I could seriously eat bowl after bowl of this. This was a close call recipe. I almost didn’t make it in on time…too many naps today for some reason, and my first day in Portland. Thanks for the guest appearance kitchen ellis!

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