Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 331: Sweet Road Trail Mix

Yield: 1 bag
Time (Start to Finish): 15 min

2 pieces chocolate nut toffee
sunflower seeds
beef jerky, shredded

1. Break up the toffee into bite size pieces
2. Add the sunflower seeds, jerky and skittles and mix together
3. Bring on the road and keep cool

Rating: 3.5 strawberries
Notes: I am so tired!! Just dropped the girls off at the airport and heading to my brothers to spend the night, I hope I can stay up! I made this with left over things in the car, plus fresh toffee I bought in the candy shop, so so good! Sorry no skittles got in the pic, but they are there. A nice little sugar treat will help me stay awake for a little longer. Make this is you need a sugar rush. Enjoy!

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