Friday, July 16, 2010

Month 11

Annie’s Current Weight: 127
Pleasures: I lost a pound!!! WOOHOO!! And only ONE MORE MONTH!! Who would have thought!? This project went so fast! This month I won my first award, thanks Maggie! This month I jumped a lot of hurdles…many trips, a break up, and man did I pull through with some great stuff! I really felt the support of my friends this month with my cooking, so thanks guys. This month really had a lot of pleasures, and I think the next and final one will too. I also think the pleasure of being so close to the end has put a kick in my step, so that is great.
Pains: it is also a pain it is almost over! Only one more month! Even though I had a lot of support with friends, I have felt rushed this month doing recipes. I feel like this month I thought a lot about how great it will be to be over and not tied down, and so that demotivated me. I talked myself out of that, got back in the moment, and reminded myself each day is important, and each day I have to do this. I also know a few of this months recipes were dumb, like my Disneyland breaky, but I did it nonetheless, even though I had no kitchen and wanted to have fun.
Promises: This is the last month, so promise to make some great things for you guys. I still have a big list of recipes I want to try, and I know I find myself going with what I have in the house, but I promise to really make things I am proud of and know I will want to repeat. I also promise to be as happy as I can this month even though this big thing is coming to a close. It is so bittersweet!! How free I will be, but also, how detached will I be…I promise I will finish what I have started this month and cook every day for a full year.
Ponders: you know, this project really made me think about a year and how quick it can go by. I cant believe it is over in 31 days. This month FLEW by…what now? What will I do? I look back and I am just so proud I did this, and so grateful that through so many hardships and beauties I cooked everyday. Food is a comfort, both when you are happy or sad, and it is just so known to me now where my place is in the world when it comes to passion. I want people to be happy, and I do that not just through my food, but through my giving of food. This month taught me a lot about pushing myself, as has this whole project, and I wish there was some way to pat my own back. I also look at my friends and how there they have been for me to make sure I cook everyday and I am so thankful for them. This really was a nice eye opening month…I cant believe I will only be writing one more of these for my project. What will I do after? Where will this go? Who will I be a year ago from now? How I relish in the mystery…and how I look back on the past with such a smile it lights the room…keep with me guys…31 more days…breath….

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Geoffrey said...

I am so proud of you Anns!